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#KFWUrStyle 2023

Kidz FW Ur Style Logo_FAW.png
Kidz FW Ur Style Logo_FAW.png

SEASON 10 - KFW UrStyle 2023

Q. What is  #KFWUrStyle all about?

A. This year our creative  &  marketing team wanted to make it even more about the kids - as we all know, Kidz Fashion Week is one of the only child focused events in Australia. It's more than just a fashion parade. It's  a platform that allows all kids the opportunity to feel confident and empowered. This is mind, The creatives wanted to see what the kids would put together if it were left to them. So the ball is in your court kidz, Australia & the media can't wait to see some of the DIY designs or even wearing  UR favourite brand outfit.

Q. So can you help me understand what I should wear?

A.  Kidz Fashion Week wants you to GET CREATIVE, we want to see

you put together your own amazing looks. You can go thrift shopping and put together your own style, you can go completely artistic and avante garde and create your outfit from paper or plastic bags or even aluminium foil.  Or you can go cosplay, or dungeons & dragons - or just wear your favourite most loved outfit. This is a focus on UrStyle not the brand!

Q. Can I contact a brand / label and ask them to dress me?

A.  Absolutley! We will help you promote them and even provide a template CAST ID CARD that you can present with our details to verify you are in the cast!!

Q. Can I wear a costume?

A. Yes you can. BUT DON'T FORGET - You need to model it like it's the next big trend!! It would be great to see some international dress - like a beautiful Indian Sari or Japanese Geisha! 

Q. Can I make my own design ?

A. We would love to see that.

Q. Can I wear a hat or head piece?

A. Absolutely  as long as it does not restrict you in any way

Q. Do I have to go creative? Can I just wear something I like?

A. No - you can wear your favourite outfit. (All outfits will be approved for appropriateness by our Stylist)

Q. If I find my own brand to dress me - will KFW advertise for them?

A. If  your brand is interested to gain the benefits of being a sponsor please ask them to get in touch

Q. How creative can I go?

A. This is a show so you can go as creative as you like - all final outfits need to be approved by OCT 30th 2022 (MELB) by way of a photo to be emailed to

Q. Can I wear make up?

A. Children under 12yo should not wear make up - unless they are in costume or a creative DIY - again this needs to be approved.

Q. Will there be Hair & Make up teams there?

A. Yes but we ask that all cast take care and come with well groomed hair. Our teams will be going over and do finishing retouches only.

Q. Can I wear bathers/bikinis?

A. All swimwear must be accompanied by a sarong/coverall

Q. Can I wear Sleepwear?

A. Only if it is age appropriate ( to be approved by KFW stylist)

Q. Can I mix and match clothes from any brands?

A. You can if you are dressing yourself. If you have approached a brand to dress you they may not like to be mixed and matched with another brand always ask their opinion.

Q. What about shoes?

A. Always provide your own shoes that will match your outfit.

Q. Are there any themes you can help me with?

A. Sure - you can dress in Streetwear, Dancewear, Sportswear, DIY, Fantasy, Formal, Urban/HipHop, Designer, Avante Garde, 70's, 80's, Rockabilly, Rockstar, Roaring 20's, Hollywood, EMO, Gothic, Punk, Ethnic dress, single colour theme - are you getting our drift.


Q. How many outfits do I need?


If  any one asks a relevant question we will keep adding them here so check back regularly.

If you have any questions please email our office at 

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