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#KFWUrStyle 2024

Kidz FW Ur Style Logo_FAW.png
Kidz FW Ur Style Logo_FAW.png

SEASON 11 - KFW UrStyle 2024

**Q: What is #KFWUrStyle all about?**  

A: Kidz Fashion Week UrStyle is a celebration centered around children's creativity and empowerment. Unlike other fashion events, KFW is uniquely focused on kids, providing a platform for them to showcase their confidence and individuality through fashion.


**Q: Can you help me understand what I should wear?**  

A: At Kidz Fashion Week, we encourage creativity and self-expression. Whether you're thrift shopping for a unique ensemble, crafting avant-garde outfits from unconventional materials, or dressing up in your favorite cosplay, it's all about showcasing UrStyle, not adhering to specific brands.


**Q: Can I contact a brand/label to dress me?**  

A: Absolutely! We support collaborations with brands and can provide a template CAST ID CARD to verify your participation in the event.


**Q: Can I wear a costume?**  

A: Yes, costumes are welcome! Just remember to model them as if they're the next big trend. We'd love to see cultural influences like Indian Saris or Japanese Geisha attire.


**Q: Can I make my own design?**  

A: We encourage it! Showcasing your own designs adds a personal touch to the event.


**Q: Can I wear a hat or headpiece?**  

A: Certainly, as long as it doesn't hinder your movement or presentation.


**Q: Do I have to be creative? Can I wear something I like?**  

A: You're free to wear your favorite outfit. However, all outfits must be approved by our team for appropriateness.


**Q: If I find my own brand to dress me, will KFW advertise for them?**  

A: If your brand is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please have them contact us at


**Q: How creative can I go?**  

A: The sky's the limit! Feel free to express your creativity; just ensure all final outfits are approved by the deadline TBA


**Q: Can I wear makeup?**  

A: Children under 12 years old should refrain from wearing makeup unless it's part of a costume or creative DIY, subject to approval.


**Q: Will there be Hair & Makeup teams there?**  

A: Yes, our teams will be available for finishing touches, but please come with well-groomed hair.


**Q: Can I wear swimwear?**  

A: Yes, but it must be accompanied by a sarong or coverall.


**Q: Can I wear sleepwear?**  

A: Sleepwear is acceptable if it's age-appropriate and approved by the KFW Team.


**Q: Can I mix and match clothes from any brands?**  

A: If you're dressing yourself, mixing brands is fine. However, if a brand is dressing you, it's best to respect their preferences.


**Q: What about shoes?**  

A: Please provide your own shoes that complement your outfit.


**Q: Are there any themes you can help me with?**  

A: Certainly! We offer various themes including Formal, Dancewear, Activewear, DIY, Casualwear, International Dress, HIP HOP/Urban.


**Q: How many outfits do I need?**  

A: Just one! Make sure it leaves a lasting impression.


If you have any further questions, feel free to email our office at

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