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Audition requirements:

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM. (it will be visible when the applications open) If your agency has informed you of an audition time you must still complete this form online. Please  let us know who your agent is in the space provided on the application.

PLEASE READ THE FULL CASTING BRIEF FOR SYDNEY 2020 before applying. By applying online you agree to the details of the casting brief.

CASTINGS  will be held  in SYDNEY on Tuesday 26th Nov every successful applicant will be contacted via email.

THE SYDNEY SHOW DATE for 2020 is SATURDAY 8th FEB. Please DO NOT APPLY if you are not available ALL DAY on this day.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any applications sent prior to the commencement day Fri 8th  will be void - so please DO NOT APPLY before. The application will be visible on Fri  11th Oct.

Applications open to the public on Friday 8th Nov and will close when we have reached capacity or by Tues 12th Nov @ 7pm. Any applications after this date will be void.