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Age Categories: The competition is divided into three age categories: 4-7 year olds, 8-11 year olds, and 12-17 year olds.


Registration Options: Participants have three registration options to choose from:


a. Option 1: $50 entry fee includes participation in the competition and a participation certificate.


b. Option 2: $90 entry fee includes a runway workshop prior to the competition to help with runway skills, along with a participation certificate.


c. Option 3: $150 entry fee includes all the benefits of Option 2 and professional photos taken on the runway.


Contestant Preparation: All contestants are responsible for dressing themselves and arriving at the competition venue runway ready.


Guest Ticket Prices: Tickets to view the competition are available for guests at prices ranging from $44 to $99.


Judging Panel: The judging panel consists of the following:


a. Modelling Agencies: Representatives from renowned modeling agencies will evaluate the contestants based on their overall presentation, poise, and potential for future modeling opportunities.


b. Renowned Fashion Photographers: Professional fashion photographers will assess the contestants' ability to pose and work the camera.


c. Guest Top Models: Accomplished top models from the industry will provide their expertise and contribute to the judging process.


Judging Criteria: Contestants will be judged on the following criteria:


a. Confidence and Stage Presence: The ability to showcase confidence and command the runway.


b. Catwalk Skills: The contestants' walk, posture, and grace while walking on the runway.


c. Personal Style and Presentation: The creativity and uniqueness of their outfit choices, grooming, and overall presentation.


d. Poise and Composure: The ability to maintain composure and display grace under pressure.


e. Expression and Energy: The ability to convey emotions and enthusiasm through facial expressions and body language.


f. Overall Presentation: The contestants' overall appeal, including their ability to captivate the audience and the judging panel.


Grand Final Venue: The Grand Final of the competition will be held in Melbourne on November 16, 2024.

Travel Arrangements: Successful contestants must make their own travel arrangements to Melbourne on the day of the Grand Final.

Please note that these rules are subject to change and may be further elaborated upon by the event organizers.

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All Participants:


All participants that register and participate in a heat will receive an award for their participation in the competition.


Finalists selected will advance to the Grand Final.

Grand Final Prizes:


1st Prize:


$300 cash

Sash and trophy

Offer of Representation for 12 months from a Modelling Agency

Professional photo shoot

GOLD PASS into A Kidz Fashion Week event in either VIC, NSW or QLD without auditioning.


2nd Prize:


$200 cash

Sash and trophy

Offer of Representation for 12 months from a Modelling Agency.


3rd Prize:


$100 cash

Sash and trophy

Offer of Representation for 12 months from a Modelling Agency.


Additional Awards:


All Finalists not awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prize are eligible for the following awards:


Most Entertaining: An award recognizing the most entertaining performance among the remaining finalists.


Best Dressed: An award acknowledging the best-dressed contestant among the remaining finalists.


Photographer's Choice: An award chosen by the fashion photographers, recognizing a contestant for their exceptional photogenic qualities.


All Grand Finalists will receive a participation award on the night.


Model Bootcamp Workshop Voucher:


All Grand Finalists will be awarded a $100 voucher towards a Model Bootcamp workshop.


The voucher can be used to attend a Model Bootcamp workshop, which will provide valuable training and guidance to enhance the contestant's modeling skills.

This award aims to further support the growth and development of the chosen recipient by providing them with an opportunity to refine their modeling abilities through specialized training.


Please note that the prizes mentioned are subject to change and may be further elaborated upon by the event organizers.

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