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To Kidz Fashion Week 2024 We are giving the Kids of Australia the chance to strut their stuff for the amazing upcoming FASHION SHOWS of the YEAR!
Kidz Fashion Week - Bringing together the kids, the fashion the photography and most importantly the FUN!

Kidz Fashion Week - Back to Brands

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Upcoming Applications for Kidz Fashion Week -Sydney

Back to Brands! 2024

Kidz Fashion Week (KFW), Australia's premier Children's Fashion Festival, is set to make a triumphant return in 2024 with an exciting twist - "Back to Brands!"


After a brief hiatus from dedicated fashion labels on the KFW runway, this year promises a spectacular revival of the trend with a focus on renowned National Brands. The highly anticipated event will showcase the latest trends and innovations in children's fashion, bringing together industry leaders, designers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Over the past couple of years, KFW has evolved into a platform that not only celebrates style but also fosters creativity and talent within the children's fashion industry. The decision to go "Back to Brands" comes as a response to the growing demand for established fashion labels on the KFW runway.

"We are thrilled to announce the return of dedicated fashion labels to Kidz Fashion Week. This year, we are going 'Back to Brands,' amplifying the glamour and excitement that comes with showcasing the best in children's fashion," said Terri Svoronos, Creative Director of Kidz Fashion Week.

The event will feature a lineup of some of the most prominent National Brands, ensuring a diverse and captivating showcase for attendees. In addition to welcoming back established brands, KFW is extending an invitation to new and emerging designers to be part of this spectacular event.

"We encourage both established brands and emerging designers to seize this opportunity and apply now to be part of the biggest Children's Fashion Festival in Australia. Kidz Fashion Week is not just a runway; it's a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the future of children's fashion," added Terri Svoronos.

KFW 2024 will serve as a platform for designers to showcase their unique creations, connect with industry professionals, and gain exposure in the highly competitive children's fashion market.


Key highlights of Kidz Fashion Week 2024:

  • Return to dedicated fashion labels on the KFW runway with "Back to Brands" theme.

  • Showcase of the latest trends and innovations in children's fashion.

  • Participation of renowned National Brands alongside new and emerging designers.

  • Opportunities for networking, collaboration, and exposure for designers within the industry.


Kidz Fashion Week 2024 is set to captivate audiences, industry insiders, and fashion enthusiasts alike, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of children's fashion in Australia.

For designers interested in participating, applications are now open. Email for more information and to submit your application.

About Kidz Fashion Week:

Kidz Fashion Week is Australia's leading Children's Fashion Festival, dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent within the children's fashion industry. Established in [Year], KFW has become a prominent platform for designers, brands, and enthusiasts to celebrate and explore the world of children's fashion.

neak peeks. Join us in making this holiday season one to remember at Kidz Fashion Week - Gets Festive!

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